Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Museum Day....and still HOT!

                                  Temperature at 3:30 PM.....112!!!

Hey Mom..no cavities!!  A visit to the dentist for a checkup...great teeth and all my own (with a few crowns!!)  So after our dental visit, we treated ourselves to a nice lunch at Hofbrau's and a visit to the Kimbell Art Museum...one of our favorites!

 The current exhibit, soon to be gone, is a Picasso and Braque on Cubism.  Although there is a lot of modern/abstract art I don't care for, I do think some of the Cubist had some really interesting pictures....the design and application of paint is what I find fascinating.  And of course while there, we had to visit our old favorites.  The Kimbell is in the midst of a big addition growth.  Right now I hate what they have done to the grounds, taking out many trees and green areas.  But in looking at the mock up of the final building, I think it will be okay...due to be completed in 1213...really looking forward to that!!

Last week, we had a plan to go into Fort Worth to a Quilt Show and the Kimbell.  So as we parked and walked to the FW Fine Arts Building, there was no quilt show...wrong location..(my error).  So as we were near another favorite gallery, Amon Carter, we decided to visit there and see what they had new on exhibition. The Carter specializes in only American Art and have some truly wonderful works!

Amon Carter-Museum of American Art

We throughly enjoyed the display of work on paper that was the current exhibit.  Then headed over to the Kimbell...time, about 11:30ish.  As we neared the door, we saw a lot of people standing around...and discovered the Museum didn't open until 12:00 on Fridays.  (We have done this many times before....will we never learn!!!) We didn't want to stand out in the heat and wait, so again...an opportunity for lunch!!  We headed to the Blue Mesa..our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant because we had a gift certificate (and we love it there).  Had a great lunch as usual, then discovered we had left the gift certificate at home!  And by then we were too full to enjoy art and it was still too hot outside; so we went to Central Market for some groceries and headed home for a little nap!!!  Believe it or not, we had a really fun day...even though we ended up doing practically nothing we had planned on doing!!!


  1. Sometimes the unplanned days turn out to be the best!
    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog too!