Sunday, May 14, 2017

Memory Monday

There ain't nothing that breaks up homes, country, and nations like somebody publishing their memoirs. 
Will Rogers (1879-1935) American humorist and actor.

     Several years ago I wrote a regular, every Monday  blog entitled "Memory Monday".  I started with my first year of memory and had gotten as far as my Junior year in college....then I kind of had a lapse and quit writing that particular theme.  I've decided to renew my memories, picking up with my college years!  Now for those of you who have just been following me for the past year, and if you are really bored and in need of something to read, and are curious about me, you can click on a link to the left on a year and should be able to find past memories.

The Columns
     I attended the University of Missouri; these are the columns which were part of the first buildings of the original college built in 1840.  They have become a symbol for the to it if that is something you would like to know more about.  I am writing about the summer of 1961, the summer between my Junior and Senior year.  I was living in the dorms...still with hours (times we had to be in at night).  I had a couple of girl friends who had an apartment off campus so I would frequently sign out to stay with them if I wanted to stay out later than allowed.
     The most memorable thing that happened that summer was meeting my future husband!  At the time, I was dating another guy who was a friend of his so we were often thrown together in the group.  One of my girl friends had a big crush on Dick (future husband ) so every night when I would get back to the dorm, I would have to call her and report on what he was doing!  He was dating a girl from Stephens College, an elite girl's school also in Columbia.

     On to fall of Senior Year!!! Again, I am living in the dorm. I have by now taken all my required courses and am concentrating on my majors...English and Art in the school of Education.  I actually hadn't planned on majoring in art because I had never had a single art class until I went to college, but I loved it and had accumulated enough hours that I could count it as a major too.
      By now future husband is not in the picture; I am not dating his friend and my girl friend has also moved on to greener pastures. Football is still taking front and center in fall activities...Mizzou had been to the Orange Bowl the two previous years and was doing pretty well this year too. (I went to the Orange Bowl with some friends in 1960 and wrote about it in a memory Monday). I am now dating a guy who worked at the Italian Village, a favorite hangout ...Italian food and cold beer.
The Italian Village
      A great second semester...light classes...not much pressure...looking to the future.  I had gone to a job fair with people from all over the US interviewing potential teachers.  One guy I interviewed with was from California...LA I think.  When he asked me about my background, I told him all about my little Illinois town of 4000 and my experience with travel etc. to  date (none!)   He kindly told me he didn't think teaching in inner-city LA would be something that would make me happy!  Well, I thought that was pretty nervy of him!  I believed  living in sunny California would be a dream come true!  Now with many years of experience under my belt, not just teaching but traveling and exposure to many cultures I believe he had given me the best advice possible!  And....I forgive him!!!
     I still had my student teaching to do which I did in summer school previous to my August, 1962 graduation....fodder for next Memory Monday!

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