Sunday, April 26, 2015

Recent Trips

    The past two weeks have been busy ones for me...last week I went to my daughter's in McKinney to help her celebrate her birthday.  I went over on Wednesday, her birthday was on Thursday and we had plans to go to the new Perot Museum...
Perot Museum, Dallas, Texas
Beautiful day, bear of a drive getting into the city, then when we arrived, there were thousands of school children there on field trips!  One of the  attendants commented that the kids would all be gone by 1:30 (this was about 11:00) sooo....we decided to go to the Nasher Art Gallery, also in Dallas....which was in our plans after Perot.

Art at the Nasher
Then we decided to grab lunch at the Dallas Museum of Art, right across the street.
The DMA has a  permanent art collection of Chihuly glass...Love it!!!
In cafe at the DMA
A Chihuly up close!
By then it was getting to be close to 1:00 so we decided to head back to the Perot.  We had walked the four blocks, but by the time we were heading back, it had gotten pretty humid so we decided to catch a cab. But we didn't make it back because as we were walking along the sidewalk in front of the DMA, looking for a cab...I tripped big time on a uneven spot! Went down like a ton of bricks...about knocked myself out!  Scared Andrea to death!  Long story short...first ride in an ambulance, first time in the hospital in 47 years when I gave birth to Andrea; scan...but fortunately no broken bones...just LOTS of bruises!!  We did not get to the Perot, nor out to dinner with Andrea's friend for her birthday....will have to see what we can do to top this experience next year!! I would post a picture of my black eye but it is too scary!!

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