Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trip with Gal Pals

I've gotten a little behind on my blog I'm going to do a little "catch up"!

    A couple weeks ago a bunch of us went to La Grange, Texas to visit the Texas Quilt Museum. It is a lovely facility with a permanent collection of quilts as well as rotating exhibits. We went to see an exhibit of art quilts by the artist, Sue Brenner . A beautiful display of her talent!
This is a picture of the outside of the museum...we couldn't take pictures of Sue's quilts.
       Of course, no trip is complete without lots of eating and laughing!  On the way down, we stopped in Geddings, Texas for lunch.
A cute little coffee shop that had good sandwiches, etc....and where I had my third April episode!
I broke a tooth while biting on a soft piece of bread!!!
        We had a great Mexican dinner with Margaritas in La Grange where we also spent the night. The next day, we traveled over to Round Top, Texas...the cutest little town. I had not been there before but will definitely make a return trip there....the area is known for twice annual flea market/antique sales. And a well known spot is the Pie Place! So we had a mid morning snack of pie!
     After that we headed to Brenham, Texas....originally to visit the Blue Bell Ice Cream plant...but because of their recent recall problems, we visited a wonderful nursery instead.

....where we all bought some plants to take home.  I got a couple herbs for my patio garden.
      Then headed home with one more stop for one more meal at the Monmouth Cafe in Georgetown, Texas....another great eatery!!!

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  1. What a fun trip! Too bad about the Blue Bell but the nursery sure looks interesting.