Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Art Quilters Around The World-"In the Garden"

     The theme for AQATW this time is "In The Garden". I have had my quilt finished early for a change, but then I forgot to post it!!! So here goes!
In the Garden
     The quilt is the size of all our challenges...12" x 16". Part of the challenge, besides the title In the Garden, was to create something with texture to give a three dimensional look. So I decided to put a "wrought iron" gate in front of my garden.

The gate opens!
     I covered Timtex with black satin fabric on one side, cut out the sections with an 
X-acto knife, and sewed it on to the sides of the quilt then attached the binding over the sides. This was a fun challenge to on to the next one which is titled "Out of This World". Go to the AQATW  blog to see how the other members from around the world depicted this topic, and to see more detail of how I created mine from the beginning.


  1. Hi Jay, I like it! Is the garden painted on fabric? The detail in the wrought iron fence is great.

  2. I love your 3-d garden gate. So clever and so interesting. Thanks for the inspiration.