Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Beautiful World..."What Light...."

     This week, the blog "Our Beautiful World" has chosen the theme "What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?" from Romeo and Juliet.  For me, my first instinct when seeing the theme, was pictures taken through windows! So here are a few of mine. While traveling with my husband, I became quite adept at taking pictures through moving car windows!  Thanks to digital cameras, I would entertain myself while we traveled many miles by clicking away...being able to immediately delete those too fuzzy to keep!

Columbia River 
Looking through the window of the solarium on an Alaskan Ferry

Driving through Jasper Park in Canada
Visitor's Center-Denali
Denali National Park from our tour bus
Sunset through the Alaskan Ferry window

Golden Gate Bridge-Californa
From the train-Silverton, Colorado 
Silverton Train 
Mackinaw Bridge, Michigan
I have billions more but best stop now before whoever reads this zones out!!!!


  1. Your photos are so enjoyable. They would make a nice coffee table book!

  2. Wow, these are some nice into your world.

  3. What an amazing trip you just took me on ... Can't believe the bison and the moose!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your world with us at OBW!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful shots. am also becoming a fast learner at taking photos from moving car windows.

  5. wow, so many great places and great photos! Thanks for sharing all the photos with us at "OBW"
    The photo from the Jasper Park is very impressive!

  6. WOW Jay, fabulous series of photos, beautifully taken from windows, thanks for sharing with OBW