Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On My Design Wall

Unusual Lone Star
     This is a paper-pieced pattern designed by Karen Stone.  I have had the plan, the fabric, and the paper pieces for about two years now.  There are 120 individual diamonds that have now been paper pieced; the sewing of all together is yet to be done; I wanted to put it all up on my design wall before starting so I could see the color arrangement.  At this point is measures 72" from one point across to the other.  It will shrink by about  4-6 inches after sewn.
      I am making this for our bed...queen sized.  So I will need to add several borders in order to make it big enough.  I have made only two bed-sized quilts before...and both of them I hand quilted.  This quilts will be machine quilted...by someone other than me!!!  I will farm this one out to be quilted by a pro!!!
     I have a few other projects in the works also....
  •  Cotton Robin-need to finish and mail off by March 10
  • Creative Crone of studioQ meeting next week and our last challenge to do-"Self-Portrait"...also an example of using Line in quilts
  • do my Bead Journal Project for the month of February
  • do my "Carnivale" quilt for my Art Quilts Around the World challenge due March 31st.
So my finishing my bed quilt may have to continue to be a slow process!!  But at least I have it up staring me in the face now, so it won't be easy to ignore!!!


  1. Gorgeous! Bright, Bold and Beautiful - think quilt show!

  2. I would say maybe NOT put a bunch of borders on it as they may distract from this beauty, but rather use it as a "topper" on the bed with a simpler quilt in neutral color underneath as the one you curl up with at night.

  3. NO Way you could ignore that beautiful star! Wow...I can't wait to see how you finish it. I'm not going to begin my Carnival quilt until we get back to Colombia...but a couple of the girls are already finished!!!

  4. That is going to be a stunning quilt. Beautiful colors and fabrics.

  5. i cannot imagine being able to ignore this fabulous piece~!!~
    Karen Stone does do some lovely patterns and you have worked this into quite the beauty. i really like the browns and blues you've used~!