Monday, February 25, 2013

Memory Monday #8

Chalkboard Art
      In my last memory blog, I introduced Mrs. A. my second grade teacher.  Although I was initially a little scared of her, I learned to really admire her.  Even at the tender age of seven, I was very fond of art and Mrs. A was quite the artist.  Her drawings with chalk on the board were really fantastic!  The example I am showing of chalkboard art is not nearly as great as her work....she was really good at landscapes and animals.  And that was probably the first that I was introduced to the world of art.

      Mrs. A. was my grandmother's age and the mother of one of my dad's good friends.  One of the many positives of growing up in a small town is everyone does know everyone!  And one of the negatives of growing up in a small town is everyone does know everyone!  But probably the positives outweigh the negatives.  Anyway, I can consider Mrs. A. to be the first person to influence my future as an artist.  She would occasionally allow the students to use her colored chalk and to draw on the board.  And as I remember, she was very encouraging to me.  I remember her expressing my "talents" to my mom and dad, thus starting me on my road to creativity!!

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  1. Try having your mom teach in the same school that you went to...or worse, having your mom as your teacher.... Glad you had Mrs. A there to encourage you and by extension me!!