Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creative Crones of studioQ Meeting

Yesterday my art quilters' group met here at my house.  We had our "show 'n tell", a little "class time", and lunch....and much laughter and sharing of ideas!! Our last 12" x 12" challenge was to do a self portrait!  I had just done one last month for my Art Quilters Around the World Internet  group, but decided to do another one for the studioQ group.  Not everyone had their self portraits to show.... here are the ones that were finished.

Heather's-Notice the eye!!!
Kay's...one cell of her brain!
My portrait...used the fusible monochromatic technique
Lynn's...a page from her journal
Starting last month, we have decided to experiment with and try to learn more about the Elements of Art...and how they can be used in our art work.  Our first element to study was the element of line.  At Heather's last month, we did an exercise in drawing various types of line, then for this month we were to take one of those drawings and recreate it in fabric.  Here are some of the examples of that session:
My line drawing in fabric 
Dyanna's created with a jelly roll 
Heather's line drawing in fabric
Kay's line drawing in fabric
Beth's line drawing done in her sketchbook
Our element to study this month is the element of shape and we will do a fabric example of what we drew in an exercise yesterday for next month.


  1. it's alwaya fun to see what your group comes up with and your new challenges are going to be really fun to see too~!~love the examples of 'line' worked up with fabric.


  2. Oh wow...sounds like a lot of fun. I love all the little quilts shown here. What a talented group of gals.