Thursday, January 10, 2013


  I am not a big telephone talker, landline or otherwise...I will not talk on the phone while driving...I never did any texting because my cell phone was too spends all its time in my cubby in my car...for emergencies only!  I get very ticked at those who drive and are on the cell phone/ at people in social situations that HAVE to take any calls regardless.

But I love technology!!!  I have envied those who have a smart phone and can take pics at a moments notice, download and post them almost instantaneously!  And have the internet at their fingertips everywhere!!!  So for Christmas, I got the best gift ever!

My iphone
I have downloaded a few APPS (something else I love...apps!) and have been having fun trying them out. I have the one where you can scan those code thingys, and immediately see a video of interest!  Amazing!!  I have texted my granddaughter...and a few others!  I have even actually made a couple of phone calls...and have taken several pictures!!  Now, my strong opinion of using cell phones while driving and at social occasions has not and will not change...but I think I am going to  really enjoy the technology offered!


  1. I'm with you Jay. Love the new technology. But talking and texting while driving - NO! Have done it (the talking) but resolved not to anymore. I can barely text sitting in a chair, sure couldn't do it while driving!

  2. You are way ahead of me....Half the time I have no idea where my very simple phone even is! Thanks for visiting my blog : )