Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!
When we moved South about 40 years ago, we discovered that Fireworks are a big thing on New Year's Eve...hadn't had this experience in the North!  I guess it is too cold to shoot them off in December/January!

I looked back at my "goals" for 2012 and was glad to see that I did accomplish a few of them....but there were many I did not get they will go back on list for this year!  A couple of the things have been on my new year lists for so long that I feel I should just give up on them....but I WILL NOT!!!  That stubborness gene in me will not allow that to happen!

Here is my new list: (which I posted last week)

  • Do bi-monthly challenges with Art Quilters Around the World.
  • Do monthly challenges with Beading Journal Blog.
  • Participate in Cotton Robin-2013
  • Finish the 12" block for Crones
  • Finish the quilt for our bed.
  • Make a quilt for the guest room bed.
  • Keep a journal for the year/ do more mixed media experiments.
  • Finish the Color Challenge of the month blocks and make something with them.
  • Continue with the Crones' Challenges for the new year.
And here is my list from this time last combining both lists should keep me busy enough!!! I think I need to print these off and keep before me in my studio!!!  I had actually forgotten about a couple of my goals for last year!

  • Dye fabric this spring (I have had the materials to do so for about three years!)
  • Do silk painting (again, have the needed materials...just the ol' 'roundtoit!)
  • Finish about five UFO's
  • Continue with the Round Robin Challenge
  • Keep doing the Internet BOM
  • Make the Scotties for all the Dodds'-side children
  • Make the quilt for our bed
  • Make the quilt with my mom's embroidered birds

    1. Sounds like a good list Jay. We had fireworks ALL night long...from every point of view. Happy New Year!

    2. I think it's a great thing to have lists. And I think it's great to have them stretch from one year to the next. In my case it's a confirmation that my passion for it is still there and worth pursuing.
      Thanks for listing my blog on your site! I'll have yours listed on mine as well.
      Ellen Anne Eddy