Thursday, January 31, 2013

Art Quilts Around the World Challenge

My Self Portrait!!
   Today is the day we are to reveal our first challenge for the Art Quilts Around the World Challenge..."Self Portrait".  Andrea and I joined this group this is made up of 30 women from all around the world.  There will be a bi-monthly challenge chosen by various members.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to "meet" many of the gals through their blog and our group Facebook.  So with no further is my portrait...and a bit about the process.

 #1.- thought up all the words that describe me...woman, mother, daughter, wife, teacher, etc...and came up with 25 words. #2- created a list with definitions on my computer. #3- made my background by printing list off on fabric.  #4- drew the outline of my head (not factual). #5-divided head into 25 sections, made a second copy on paper to cut up, applied freezer paper and cut out sections with my hand dyed fabrics.  #6-added fusible web, applied to a muslin background. #7 stitched with variagated thread and zigzag stitch over all sections. #8-stitched head to printed word definition background. #9-then embellished with stitched eyes, nose, mouth..added hair (cut strips of fabric), and glasses (tin foil) and necklace.  The necklace is beads and words.  I had originally created the words on computer/printed on paper and was going to fuse them to the sections of the head, but felt there wasn't enough room for them there. So I fused them to a different fabric, cut them up and sewed them loosely around the neck.

First drawing on paper
Hand dyed sections
Background fabric with printed words

Basic head before embellishments

Some embellishments added

Beaded and dangly words necklace

I loved doing this project and am looking forward to the next one!!!  Please go to the link for the Art Quilts Blog to see all the finished portraits. And  I have linked you to Andrea's blog also to see her work.


  1. Jay, your self portrait is so clever. I especially love "your" hair. You seem to respond to challenges with such good work. Enjoy.

  2. Very creative self portrait. I am enjoying visiting "around the world". Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  3. wow! this is really fun and i enjoyed seeing the other challenge pieces on the Art Quilts Blog.
    Jay, you inspire me. not only are you always willing to join interesting challenge groups but you are fearless in your approach to meeting the challenges.
    just awesome work~!!~