Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goal Setting

Here it is....Sunday...first day of the week.  Good time for goal setting...On Friday, I went to my guild's monthly meeting.  It was the first time I had been to a meeting since last was good to see old friends.  We were celebrating our 35th "birthday"; the gals in charge did a wonderful job of planning the meeting...a very fun time had by all.

While there, I realized I was supposed to have my entries for the quilt show turned in this month.  I can mail the info to the person in charge, so today, I printed pictures of the quilts I am going to enter and filled out the forms to mail tomorrow. Fortunately the pictures do not have to show the quilts finished!  It is not juried; they just want enough of a picture for identification purposes!

  Our show is the last weekend in September...the theme is "Quilted Memories of Days Gone By" and the ladies in charge have many great things going of for apron contest, a cookbook, and a live auction for our donated quilts.  I had planned to only enter three quilts; one, an art quilt, is completed, the other two, a pieced 4-patch and a miniature, are almost completed. But then I have decided to enter five instead....another art quilt almost done and the guild challenge.  The challenge is to depict a memory in a quilt and to write a paragraph telling what the memory is.  I have an idea that I think will really be fun to do and a small quilt that is partially started I think I can work into my idea.  Will keep you posted on my progress!!

And while surfing around on Facebook, I came across this link which I think sounds very cool!  I had read briefly about Prayer Flags, but had not really gone into detail about them.  Check out this explains all about them and a way to participate.

So my goals for the very near future are:

  • quilt miniature for show
  • quilt 4-patch for show
  • do free motion on art quilt for show
  • create and finish guild challenge
  • make Prayer Flag
  • finish a couple of small quilts for auction
Oh, and my studioQ group meets next Monday, a week from tomorrow and I need to finish my 12 x 12 challenge for "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"! is started, just needs the finishing touches!

So...good night all...I need to go get busy!!!


  1. Wow!! You do have a lot going on that you need to get to work on!! Sounds like you are keeping yourself out of trouble with all these projects!!

  2. I mailed in my show entry Saturday morning since I missed Friday's meeting. It's the Barbara Brackman block of the week Civil War quilt. I gotta get her quilted -- soon!