Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zentangle Challenge #31-"Fairyland"

This week's challenge was given to us by Carol Bailey Floyd who is a CZT artist you can see in many of the Zentangle instruction books.  Her current blog tells of her most recent ventures.  Her challenge is entitled "Fairyland".

Zentangle Challenge # 31.."Fairyland"

One of my "followers" (my SNL) has challenged me to take my postings up a notch  and suggested I write a haiku to go with each Zentangle Challenge...Never one to back away from a is my first...

"Fairies, fantasies
Never too old to dream.  Come!
Play in my garden."

Besides accepting a new challenge...we attended our grandson's swimmeet at which he was wonderful!!!  He and his sister have been swimming since they were about a year old and are both terrific!  Their dad, my SNL, was and still is a competitive swimmer...such a great life long sport for them.
My favorite grandson at a meet.
And in between events, we read!

Other "exciting" events this week have been, getting a new pump in our well...not much fun!  And getting  a new area rug delivered.  We had a couch reupholstered a few months ago, and wouldn't you know, the old rug just didn't look very good any had to get a new one.  Now I am thinking the walls could stand a new coat of paint...and thus it begins...voila...eventually a "new" house!!!


  1. you are truly amazing at this zentangle thing~!!~
    love this tangle and the haiku.


  2. Your fairyland is so original and appealing -- just lovely. And a Haiku, also! Wow!