Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Very "Exciting" Day!!!!

We are doggie sitting this week...Sadie is a very skittish dog.  Rain and thunder turn her into a quivering mass...not that rain is a problem with this trip!  She sticks very close to us..this morning we were on the back porch, having our morning coffee and doing our crossword puzzles...a retirement tradition!!  Sadie was lying close by when suddenly  she took off across the yard to the back of the garage....most she has moved in five days!  We assumed she saw a rabbit.  She returned, empty-handed thank goodness!!!!

She sat there on the porch, nose twitching, at the alert!  Then she took off again towards our huge live oak of those with the branches dragging the ground.  We saw an animal, definitely not a rabbit!  As we looked, we suddenly realized it was a skunk!!!!!  We quickly called Sadie...good dog...came right to us!  We got her inside and watched as this big ol' skunk moseyed across the yard and into the lot next to us....out of sight!  What kept that critter from spraying Sadie, I do not know...except she did not bark at all...just ran at it!!!

Our second "thrill" for the day occurred as I was fixing dinner....I try to use my little toaster oven on these hot summer days rather than heat up the house with the large oven.  I was baking a couple of potatoes...15 minutes at a time.  I had taken the pan out to poke them and had put them back in for their third timing.  While sitting at the table watching the news, I began to smell something burning....sure enough...the whole inside of the oven was ablaze!!!  I grabbed the potatoes out and closed the little door  so the flames would smother....which they did.   What was burning and smelled OH SO awful, was a hot pad which must have stuck to the bottom of the pan when I had been checking on them.  So much for trying to keep the house cool!!!  Not only did that not happen but we ended up with a very stinky house! (Our day for smells!!!) The potatoes were OK...we set the oven outside to cool (something to look forward to in the morning to clean) and microwaved the other stuff I was going to bake!!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot more boring...I really like boring!!!!!!

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  1. You dodged the bullet twice. No skunkie smelling dog and no huge fire in your kitchen/house. Thank goodness!