Saturday, July 30, 2011

Challenge #32-"Zentangle for Everyone"

"Challenge 32-Zentangle for Everyone"

My Companion Haiku

"Everyone Tangles!
Baton, Pais, Keenes, Zedbra...
Thanks to Carol Ohl!!

This week, a very talented Zentangle artist, Carol Ohl, gave the challenge to use four different "tangles" which are listed in my Haike!  I love the names given to the differnts tangles...I have no idea what many of them mean but I am sure the creators know!  The interesting names sure play havoc with my spell check!!!

Carol lives in Ohio and posted that a restaurant near her likes to display local art.  She was asked to display Zentangles, and rather than do just her own, she has asked challenge participants to send her this week's tiles to put on display.  So I guess I will mail mine off...very generous of her to want to share the fame!!!!

Be sure to check out her blog by clicking on her name!


  1. Nice, Jay! Cool haiku, too. Looking forward to getting your tile for our party!