Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good start to the new year!

Kathleen hasn't gone back to school yet, so on the days her daddy isn't working from home, either I or her grandad have gone in to spend the day with her.  I was there on Monday, and we had a great day catching up on the first season of "Glee".  We got through about the first six...will finish next week.  That is really a cute show...I especially like it because I KNOW the music!!

I have a new toy...for my birthday, Dick had gotten me a little arm band radio with ear plugs to listen to while at the gym working out and walking.  It didn't work very long so I took it back and upgraded to a SanDisk little clip on called a is about 11/2 inch by 21/2 inches...unbelievable!  It plays FM radio and will hold up to 1000 songs!  It is so tiny, it just clips on to my light I hardly know it is there...I am in awe of today's technology!!!

While sitting in the doctor's office yesterday, waiting my turn, this little ol' lady struck up a conversation with me.  She is also in awe of technology, but not in a good way!  I think it is too bad when people won't even give it a chance...but there will always be those who do not like change!!  A definite sign of OLD age!! (but not always....I do know of a few much younger than I that don't handle change well!)

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  1. Know what you mean about technology. I move at an old turtle's pace when it comes to change. I still have my original cell phone from 2003 which doesn't even have a camera. Can you imagine? I'm of the conservationist school of thought that if it still works and does the job, why throw it out?