Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fort Worth, A Great Little City!

Yesterday, we went to the rodeo with all the family....we have been going as a group of 12 to 18 for over 16 years now.  We used to go out to eat all together after the matinee, but all the restaurants have gotten so busy it was hard to seat a large group without waiting forever.  And since our oldest daughter's birthday is February 1st, we have been coming back to our house and having dinner here for a few years...celebrating her birthday and our rodeo tradition at the same time...seems to work out really well!

The Fort Worth Stock Show used to be the Fat Stock Show...meaning the big, beefy cows and hogs, etc.  But with all the emphasis on healthy eating the past few years, the powers that be changed the name to just Stock Show...and the look of the calves and all being shown have taken of a different look from when we were kids....very straight backs, lean bodies as opposed to big, thick chested animals.

Yesterday was really warm!!  The temperature was at least 80 degrees...and the Stock Show grounds, the midway and all the exhibition halls were really crowded!  I had been having some allergy problems and being around all the dusty, hay-filled barns and then the rodeo arena didn't help much...this morning I was a mess with stuffy nose and sneezing fits, but by now I am quite a bit better.  If it wasn't so much fun to go and be with everyone I would skip going!

But according to the weather...we have worse winter ahead....possible ice/snow/wind...yuck!  And it is to be the coldest yet...below 20 degrees!  I guess I need to change my "out my window" picture!

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