Monday, January 10, 2011


We are having our first really cold weather this is now 32degrees at 9:00 AM and I know that may not seem really cold to some, but to me it is COLD!!!  It is also very gray out which makes it feel even colder...fortunately, I am lucky enough to be able to stay home and just feel sympathy for those who need to get out!

I am listening to Diane Reames on NPR as I write...the discussion is about the lack of civility in politics...perhaps instrumental in the craziness of the Arizona shooting tragedy...I personally believe there is a definite connection....we all need to realize that our words can be heard by all...the crazies and those who are sane, and it is an obligation of those especially in the public eye to be very careful of how they voice their opinions to incite others to their way of thinking!

And now on a happier note!  Work on my Kaleidoscope continues!

                                   Phase I of my Kaleidoscope  

                                      Phase II of Kaleidoscope
                     Layout of paper piecing for Kaleidoscope with phase III on paper!

Each phase I complete seems to create the need for another phase.  I am working now on phase III.. I design on paper first, then break it all into a paper-pieced I think phase III is going to be the last!  Most of the fabric I have used is from our trip to Alaska last year...2009.


  1. LOVE IT! You and your designs amaze me. If only I had an nth of your creativity. I may be able to do good work, but I always need somebody else's pattern to work from.

    Glad you are staying warm.

  2. fabulous intense colors and beautiful kaleidoscope block.

    we had some below zero temps a few weeks ago and it was awful~!!~ the last few days has brought us temps in the 40's though and my crocus are peeking up out of the soil. even though they are cold hardy it's far too early for that to be a successful endeavor~!