Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

"To see far is one thing; going there is another." Brancusi

I was reading an article in today's paper why we have been having such extreme weather patterns...we went from pretty cool and wet to really hot and dry with no gradual change in between.  And according to the experts, the culprits are those bad little winds...El Nino and La Nina.  Now the paper explained what they do to mess us up but my brain lost interest when it became technical!  It's like when in classes in college...I loved learning about the stories behind events, be historical or scientific, but when it came to the dates or the theorems etc. I shut down!  It was a good thing a lot of my tests were essay and I was pretty good at the ol' BS (and that doesn't stand for Bachelor of Science)!

My husband had a little surgery a week and a half ago...he is now back in the land of the living...went through a few rough days, but much better now.  He is not able to do as much yet as he would like but we are very lucky to have good help in the family as far as mowing and yard stuff.  Our granddaughter (the yard girl) and her dad came out Monday evening to mow and weed eat for us.  We really appreciate that especially the dad as he worked all day, then came out to do our yard for us.  I am sure there were many other things he would rather have been his own yard, for one!

Our granddaughter...that baby who was just born a few years going to be sweet sixteen on think your own children grow up too fast, but that was nothing compared to the speedy aging  of grandchildren!!  She is taking driver's ed right now...and although I have great confidence in her abilities, the very thought of her out there on the road with all the crazies...I shudder to think!!!

My guild, Trinity Valley Quilters Guild, is having our annual quilt show in September.  Every year we have a specific challenge just for members.  I always try to do something for is a fun thing..not too serious, usually.  This year the challenge is to make a quilt any size from 50 or more different fabrics.  That was no problem!!  So below is my top for the challenge...I have not quilted it yet.  It is a unique size...21" x 42" and no, I did not use scraps from the donation quilt which is making the rounds to other meetings, etc to sell tickets.   All these fabrics are from my own little stash!!  But I have a bit of a dilemmia...after finishing the top, I reread the criteria and discovered that one criteria is to take a traditional quilt block and create a quilt using the 50+ fabrics, interpreted in the maker's own fashion!  So it doesn't have to BE a traditional quilt, but must be based on a traditional block!!  In putting the cart before the horse...I have the top, but not a clue as to what traditional block I can say I used!!  HELP!!  Can anyone give me any ideas as to what block this might possibly be related to????

   I am changing my "view from my window" picture as the bluebonnets are all gone for this year, but we have been having spectacular crape myrtles.  And the Russian sage is really full this year too. 


  1. You can say it is a traditional 4-patch or 9-patch.... whatever way you go, it is lovely!!

  2. It is a Chinese Coins variation. Very traditional pattern.

    Your interpretation is beautiful!

  3. i agree; chinese coins are what i see~!