Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting deep into summer!!

"We have met the enemy and he is us!"  Pogo

Anybody remember Pogo...the little swamp 'possum philosopher?  I used to love that cartoon...we don't get it in our paper; I don't even know if he is still being created.  But how true...what mankind does to mankind!  I am watching the news as I write...the oil disaster in the Gulf...the wars...flooding and deaths in Arkansas (not a manmade disaster, I know) but continual news tragedies!!

On a happier note...a couple weeks ago, I went to my daughter's to help her do some "organizing" in her new house and she cooked dinner for me!!  Very tasty!!  She is learning to do healthy cooking and eating, making better choices, etc.  We had a great time...went to her gym on Sunday morning...I did a mini workout while she met with her trainer.  My hubby and I go to the local YMCA a couple times a week and walk every day, but it was refreshing to try a new place! ( Although we love the "Y", her gym is much fancier!!!)

And I have finally finished my Paula Nadelstern wall least the piecing of it.  I had planned to put the large squares on point, but it all became way too frustrating trying to figure it out with the fabric I was using...I didn't want to get any more fabric so this what I ended up doing..I will have enough to make a couple of small quilts to donate to our guild silent auction.  The small picture is the back side of one of the large squares....these are from Paula's class on "Simple Symmetry".

We had our grandson for a couple of nights this past week...he is so much fun to have around..almost 13. He and I had a marathon viewing of the three "Lord of the Rings" movies; we also have an ongoing chess match we play every time he is here.  We took him to see "Sharks" at the Omni in Fort was OK but could have been a little more "exciting"!

And lastly...we are having a real bumper crop of tomatoes!!  Although I hate the heat and humidity, tomatoe plants really love them so I guess that is a fair trade with Mother Nature to appease our discomfort!!


  1. I love your Paula Nadelstern hanging. It's fantastic. I bought a few pieces of fabric that may be suitable but haven't plucked up enough courage to cut into them.
    My eldest is 12, so I agress that it's such a good age for company. We had a Lord of the Rings session at New year - we did "one" a night. I liked looking at at Strider / Aragorn :)

  2. It is hot, isn't it? I'm glad your tomatoes are doing so well -- we've only had a few so far. The Nadelstern piece is gorgeous -- I enjoyed seeing it at guild. See you for studioQ!