Friday, June 4, 2010

Are there really coincidences???

"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly." Gilbert K. Chesterton

I just finished reading John Irving's "Last Night in Twisted River"...a very good read!  Irving ("The World According to Garp", "Cider House Rules", etc) is one of my favorite authors.  He has the most interesting characters in his books.  He does get a little involved in his plots, but works his way back out in a satisfactory manner.  Speaking of his characters brings me to my first "coincidence"!  One of his main characters in this book becomes a writer....who takes the pen name "Danny Angel"  for reasons I will not go into to not spoil the plot for other readers. 

After having read "Twisted River"...I have begun "Angelology" by Danielle author I have not read before...I think is going to develop into a mystery/fantasy...first of the first characters thinks about something that occured to him as a young man in 1804...but the current year has been established as 1999!!!  Hmmm????

And so begins my "coincidences" which I am going to list!!!!

  • Irving book....Angel

  • Current  book being read...Angels

  • Looking through my of my favorites is the picture from the German cementary in Fredricksburg, TX of an angel on a tombstone.

  • Just yesterday I was reading an article in my Smithsonian magazine..."Savoring Puebla"...about a city near Mexico City that has a beautiful cathedral.."Puebla de los Angeles"  because legend has it that the angels helped install the 8.5 ton bell in the bell tower, repudiately the tallest tower in all of Mexico!

  • "Saving Grace", a quirky cop show on cable with a foul-mouthed female deputy played by Holly Hunter who happens to have a guardian angel named Earl just started up for the last summer season...and I happen to like the show!!

  • And another odd-ball show I like..."Dr. Who" on the Sy-fy channel just started a new season..I just watched the first one today (I tape the shows and watch while I am sewing)...the first show was an explanation to past shows and a preview of shows to come....two episodes involve the screaming stone.....Angels!!!!!
Okay, I am not superstitious...nor believe too much in the paranormal...nor am I overly religious...but I do think it is strange/interesting that "coincidences" of this nature do occur!!  So I am going to be super alert to these life moments to see if there is any connection...There could be worse things than angels coming into my space!!!!!


  1. ...unless it is the angels from the Dr. Who episode and they aren't so happy...

  2. Well, you know what an angel I am, so I guess the string of coincidences just keeps on going! HA!