Monday, March 22, 2010

Life Back to Normal...(whatever normal is)

" Wish for Sunshine, but build dikes." Chairman Mao-Little Red Book

I like this quote....especially for this time of year!  Spring is having a hard time getting got down to freezing again this weekend and, although we had none, our daughter had about eight or more inches of snow and she is only an hour Northeast from us.

I have been spending way too much time on my guild's 2010 Donation Quilt.  I volunteered to do it, designed it then collected fabric from our members...made up kits for members to check out and make 1/2 square triangle blocks.  There are 840 3" blocks in the quilt; the overall size is 90" x 106".  The design I had planned to make is not exactly how it ended up...funny how things on 1/4" grid paper look different when put up on a design wall!  I didn't have anyone here to hold it up so this is what it looks like laid out on the floor and then spread on our bed.
I may have to buy a lot of the raffle tickets myself as it looks pretty good there!!  I have been wanting to make a new quilt for our bed anyway since we got a new mattress...none of our old quilts fit it just right.
Now that I have completed this project, I need to finish my winter swap quilt that is to go to Germany. I have it made, only need to quilt it and get it mailed off.  I have emailed the reciepient and she was very nice about it coming late!  I have recieved mine from England and it is just lovely!!  And I don't think I ever posted my fall  mini swap from from Germany!  I have really enjoyed making and recieving these little quilt.

Notes on a few other things we've been doing:

  • daughter Andrea has gotten moved into her first home; we all went up to help her get some unpacking done

  • took the grands and their parents to Red Lobster for the kids' first taste of lobster...very disappointed..we have eaten there before but this time, the food was not up to par...I am trying to encourage them to try lobster some other time!

  • our daughters and grands took a trip to visit their grandma in Missouri...she is 91 this year.

  • and I am reading Stephen King's latest novel..."Under the Dome" is pretty good but, as usual, VERY long...over 1000 pages..very weighty to hold up in bed!


  1. Quilt looks VERY cool!! I might buy a ticket or two myself.

  2. Great job on the raffle quilt! Now let's sell those tickets!

  3. The donation quilt is fabulous!