Saturday, July 8, 2017

Another Blog on Books I Have Read

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” 
― William Styron

    I have read/listened to several really good books lately.  I'll begin with my audio books...

    "The Drop", a Harry Bosch mystery, makes for a good audio...typical detective story that I don't have to  concentrate too hard to enjoy.

   "When She Woke" is your modern or rather futuristic "Scarlet Letter"!  This was an audio, but would probably make for a good read too.  The main character, Hannah,  lives in a time when just about everything is a sin, especially any sexual escapades and the punishments are very harsh! The blurb even describes it as the modern "Scarlet Letter", her lover (I'm not giving anything would figure it out real soon) is even the Reverend Dale..(Dimsdale was Hester's guy).  I give this a five star at least for the audio.  I may have to check out the written version to see if it might be bookclub worthy!

     This also was an audio book which would probably be a good read.  The author, Noah Hawley, is new to me but if any of you are Fargo fans, he is the primary writer/creator of that series.  He also wrote for the tv show "Bones" and many others.  This is not his only novel and, although it was my first, it will not be my last to read by him!  A definite five star suspense!

     We have all read "Gone Girl" so Gillian Flynn will be familiar to you.  "Gone Girl" was actually her third book....this, "Sharp Objects" was her second, and "Dark Places" was her first.  I have read all three now and all are good; she does get better with each writing.  This one is a quick but entertaining read...a real page turner!  Probably a three to four stars.

     And my last review is "Day After Night" by Anita Diamond (author of "The Red Tent")...I would give this book six stars if possible!!!  I read it several years ago and loved it then.  As it is my turn to pick the book for my Villas Bookclub this month, I chose this one.  Because it had been so long since I had read it, I thought I better reread it...I loved it again just as much as I did the first time! It is the fictional depiction of a real event, the escape of over 200 "detainees" on October 9, 1945 from the interment camp Atlit in Israel (before the country was established) in 1945 when the British were trying to stanch the flow of Jews from Europe into The Promised Land. I have given you a link to the camp if you wish to read more about it.
     Two of my books, "When She Woke" and "Day After Night" could be examples of what can happen with the wrong people in power...perhaps a lesson to be learned in literature???

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  1. Just got two of your books from digital library. Thanks for reviews!!