Saturday, July 29, 2017

An Update!

“Some times things just fall off your plate.” 
― V.K. Springs
     As the saying goes, time flies!  It has been over two weeks since I have blogged.  What have I been doing!! Well, looking back, I have been busy...I've had a couple of friends who have been in need of a little help which I was happy to be able to offer.


      And I went on a quick trip to Tan-Tar-A Resort on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri for a family reunion with my daughters, brother and SIL, niece, nephews, spouses, children and their grandchildren! All in all I think there was 29 of us from about a year old to me....the family Matriarch!
The Venable Clan
The Venable Clan Team Bowlers!
The resort had a small bowling alley on the seven of us decided to give it a whirl. My brother was our official score keeper!

I had not bowled in at least thirty years and my score showed it...but what form!!!!  And I could  walk the next day!
Lake of the Ozarks from one of the many decks
"Come play with us!"
The lodge where some of us stayed has these realllllly loooong halls, so my fun daughters and I had images of the hotel in "The Shining" where the twins would appear... and, of course, we had to take a pic!
     When I got home, I started some physical therapy for real...I had only gone a couple of times before we left.  I had been having  a bit of an pain in the butt (I know, that leaves me wide open for jokes!)  I thought I was probably developing some arthritis in my right hip, but my doctor tells me it is my am trying some therapy to improve my condition!  I am all for anything that does not involve surgery! So I am going twice a week with a regime to do at home daily.

My therapy place....five minutes from my house
    And the Monday after we got home, my NTAQ group met for our July meeting. This month's challenge was "The Peasants" by Picasso.

"The Peasants" by Picasso
A group picture of all our challenges from the Picasso...with a little furry consultant!
This was my challenge is in the middle row on the  left, a small one right above the larger one with diamonds on the top.  I had added buttons for the flowers...the rest of my piece is pretty abstract. One of our goals at our meeting is to critique our art; I wasn't crazy about the overall look and everyone frankly told me the buttons were not adding to it.  And I agreed!!  I just wanted to hear if everyone else felt the same way.  So I have taken the buttons off and am doing French knots in subtle colors....much better look!  I'll post it when I am finished.
     I am also in the midst of my final phase of renovating my condo.  I am having my kitchen floor tiled replaced and having some more cabinets built on a blank wall.  So that has kept me busy picking out tile, granite, backsplash etc.
     And....I am trying to get my "Van Gogh Iris" finished by Monday when it is due to send a virtual entry to Cherrywood Fabrics. I did decided to take the white off and am now in the process of quitting the flower debating whether I need any more color on it in the way of a border or just keep it black.  Of course, time may be the deciding factor!  If by 11:45PM on July 31, I don't have the colored border on, it will remain as is!
This still has the white border on it...I haven't taken a picture of it with just black background.
And the reasoning I am taking time to blog is that I need a little break from sewing for the sake of my neck....those of you who sew know what I mean. I thought if I started to read something, I might not get back as quickly!

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