Monday, June 19, 2017

North Texas Art Quilters

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

     The newly formed art group, which I have had the privilege of being asked to join, finally came up with a name! We are the "North Texas Art Quilters" or NTAQ; we are a group of nine,(a now closed group....this is a good number to work together in our homes) juried artists, some of whom were part of the old group, studioQ, but not all. We get together monthly to share our art, to challenge ourselves, and to learn from each other.
      Today we met at one of the girl's houses and did some embellishments with foil.  We also had a great time showing off our last month's activity...making little art on 4" x 4" canvases.
Instructions and samples of applying foil
Our 4" x 4" works of art
         Our challenge for this month is from a painting by Stuart Davis entitled "Cliche".

Stuart Davis..."Cliche"
Rhonda-pieced black and red with a touch of dark purple fabric
Bethany- black yarn glued onto red background covered with net and quilted
Kay-thick dye to create shapes on red fabric, pieced and quilted.
Michelle-found another version of Davis's Cliche with blue and white added
Heather-using differing values of red and black to create an abstract tree
Wendy-her challenge turned out to be the largest...pieced angular blocks
And mine...hundreds of skinny strips pieced and quilted, stamped circles, and hand stitching around the circles.
The red I used was much more vibrant that what shows here...not so pinky!
All of them together...with a little doggy tail in the frame!
          We also had some individual things to show...

      Wendy and Heather just got home from a two week workshop with artist  David Hornung. He was teaching at the Nancy Crow Barn Retreat Art Center in Ohio. These are just a small sampling of the portfolios they put together while studying color theory and design.

Kay with whole cloth silk, machine quilting with #12 Perle cotton thread
Kay-quilt with her own hand-dyed fabrics
Kay-shibori dyed fabric using blue school glue for resist!
Kay made another challenge for last month which was neutrals and perspective
Kay also made a tye-dye tee shirt for a niece..Bethany is showing how it is folded up to get the effect of spirals
This shows the final wrapped up tee shirt which you would then bind up and pour dye on.
      So to end a really great day of art, I had locked my purse with my keys, cell phone, home key etc. in the car.  My car is one of those keyless cars and I didn't think it would let me lock it with the key fob inside...but it DID!  After many attempts to remember my personal code to get into the car, many phone calls to my daughters to see who had a key to my house to get my spare fob...Kay (who has a new Ford also) punched in the right code/combination...and voila!  I can get in and go home!!!!      .


  1. I love the "Skinny Strip" quilt!

  2. Great post, Jay! There must have been something in the air -- I got home to find I had locked myself out of my house. The key was on a separate key fob, and I had dropped it in a clump of lilies while on my way to the garage. It took quite a while to find it -- and a lot of angst in the meantime!