Monday, June 26, 2017

Memory Monday

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.” 
― John F. Kennedy
      October, 1962...I am teaching my little seventh graders in NKC...Living the good life as only the young can enjoy!  But does anyone remember what happened October, 1962? Yes, the Cuban Missle Crisis!
A Map showing the possible reach of the Cuban Missles
My mom, the Mama Bear type of mom, is very concerned about the whole situation so she sends me three road maps with highlighted routes of how to get out of "the city" if the major roads are blocked!  I'm really not making light of her or meaning to sound flippant because it was a very scary 13 days...especially when the papers were posting pictures like the one above!  (Notice Kansas City is not a direct hit location! But who knew what kind of fallout would occur!)

       But MY main concern is not how I am going to get out of KC but what will happen to my  Air Force guy!  Of course, all the military is on Red Alert and so all are totally out of touch with the outside world!  For that nearly two weeks, we are all on edge, waiting for the worst, not knowing what to do, but fortunately, Kennedy does the decisive thing...the correct decision and the Russians pull out of Cuba! The Cold War continues!
       And about this time my new little puppy isn't  looking very healthy so I take him to the vet.  Poor little baby is about  2 lbs., can practically fit in my hand, and he is diagnosed with distemper.  My roommate had gotten him from a pet shop; since then I have heard those are the worst places to get pets but at that time, who knew?  The vet and I decide to try a few things...with the warning that if he doesn't get better, the kindest thing will be to put him to sleep.
       Also, Dick is coming home on emergency leave because his grandfather is dying.  His grandfather is very proud of him being in the military and really wantsto see him in his uniform. So while he is able to be in the area....the crisis now over....he  makes plans to come see me.  I am delighted because I have not seen him for nearly three is November by now.  He is also here when I have to take my little puppy to the vet for the last time....he did not get any better. Dick even offers to take him for me, but I need to go.  I am thinking this is pretty nice guy!
       After Dick has gone back and things are getting more normal, I am doing my thing at school.  Across the hall from me is the Home Ec. room; the teacher there is also fresh out of college.  We strike up a conversation while doing our duty in the hall.  I am telling Bonnie, who is newly married,  about this really nice guy I am writing to...she asks where he is from, and I tell her a farm near Bogard, Missouri.  She perks up at that and asks what is his name...when I tell her, she gives me a big ol' hug and says "that is my first cousin"!  I find out that Bonnie grew up in the same area as Dick, they are about three months apart in age and are very good friends!!  Small world!!  I have not met any of his family yet, so now, I have to be on my good behavior!  Here is  someone who can "report" on Dickey Lee's girlfriend! (That is what everyone from his home calls him! )



  1. I don't remember the missile crisis specifically, but I remember drills where we huddled against the walls in the hallways of our elementary school. It was a scary time!

  2. My USAF pilot husband flew radar picket planes up and down the east coast during Cuban Crisis. Scary times.