Friday, September 23, 2016

Another Challenge with studioQ

     I am having some work done here at home, so I don't want to get into anything that I can't get away from if needed.  So a perfect opportunity to continue getting caught up with my series on studioQ challenges on my blog.
    This challenge I am going to show...process to finished project..was inspired by the painting "Seated Ruffian" by Matisse.  A few of us had gone to Philedelphia last spring to the Studio Art Quilters Association annual conference and while there we visited the Barnes.  Many of the pictures in the collection were by Matisse including this one.
Seated Ruffian by Matisse
   As usual the first thing I did was to select the fabric I wanted to use.  I just happened to have a one piece fabric which incorporated all the colors I needed.  I rarely buy fabric with a specific use in mind at time of purchase; I am more inclined to buy because I like it!  And then there it is when I need it!
My one piece of fabric with the chosen picture on it...what could be better!
     Now the decision to be made...what design do I want to use? Do I want to be realistic? Abstract? What parts to emphasize? So I start cutting up strips and laying them on my design wall.

First layout
Then more added
Now I'm ready to sew!
     I enjoy the design and sewing  phases I have to figure out which parts should be sewn together first...then there is a certain amount of slashing and inserting various sections. 

Almost finished!
    The final steps are to square it up and to quilt and add the binding. I'm not real particular about whether my quilts are perfectly squared; in fact, I sometimes leave them a bit off angle to add to the design element.  The quilting is my least favorite part to do.  Since the color choices and design elements are more important to me, I usually do a very simple straight line quilting stitch by machine. I kind of like to do the binding too..not much to think about there...just what color to use and then I hand stitch my bindings which is a relaxing end to a project for me.
     And here is the finished project...approximately 15" x 20". When we first started this challenge, we decided we would all do a uniform size, but having our artists' minds, we all come up with "close to the chosen size"...and close is good enough...give or take a few inches! So here is the work of some of my fellow members of studioQ for the same challenge!

All together!

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