Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bathroom Renovations/Makeover

     Ever since we moved into the condos, I have not been happy with my master bath. The shower is/was very tiny! Of course, I was kind of spoiled by my old shower because it was ginormous! A friend of mine has purchased a condo just down from me and is having major renovations done. So I talked to her contractor who is well known in this area as having done much work for many people here.  He came right down to my place to take a look. After I explained what I was hoping to do he said he could start right away!  
     So for over a week now I have had workmen here. They are doing a beautiful job! It is all coming together just as I visualized. And while they are here I decided to get a new vanity for my powder room.  
My master closet is right next to my master bath. So I had them close off the bathroom door which was always very narrow, and cut a door into the closet. So in order to get to the bathroom I do have to go through the closet. But in doing so I was able to reconfigure the whole bathroom; I now have a larger shower, a more accessible vanity with several drawers, and a linen closet with a hamper in the bottom of it. And much prettier tile everywhere!
My before shower
My old vanity
My old linen closet ( no door )

New vanity location
Shower in progress...I even have a shower seat!!
My old powder room vanity...nothing new here....yet!

     And, a poor excuse I know, but I have not gotten a thing done in my studio since they have begun!

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