Monday, December 8, 2014

AQATW-Flights of Fantasy

NASA Picture 

My "Flights of Fantasy"

The Tardis...Flying through time and space!

My "Flight of Fantasy", the theme for my Art Quilters' Around The World challenge, is a bit late. It was due November 30. I have no excuse for my lateness, but here it is  and I am REALLY going to try be on time from now on!!!

Now my explanation...when Andrea gave us this theme, I loved it! I am fascinated by pictures posted by NASA so I knew that was going to be my basis! Then as I am a fan of the Syfy character, "Dr. Who". I wanted to incorporate his Time Machine, the Tardis into my quilt. So here is my rendition of the Tardis, flying through time and space! And, much as I enjoy Science Fiction, I do realize it is all least I THINK it is!!!!!

Technique: black Kona cotton, Derwent water color blocks, applied with a paint brush, and beading. The Tardis is blue cotton and white paint.

And please go the Art Quilters' Around the World blog to see everyone's wonderful and diverse Flights of Fantasy!

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