Monday, November 17, 2014

Memory Monday # 80

     My roommate from South Dakota, Mary Jane, came all the way to attend the prestigious School of Journalism at Mizzou.
The Arch leading to the School of Journalism 
Logo for Journalism
There was a tradition surrounding the arch above.  On each side of the entrance there were statues of lions..supposedly, a guy would escort an unassuming date through the arch as a test.  If the girl was a virgin, the lions would roar...if not they would remain silent!!  Funniest thing, I never heard of those lions roaring...not ever!!!
     As I posted earlier, we lived in these temporary dorms while the new dorms were being built...then came the big move!!!  Our dorm, Jones Hall was ready for occupancy! One day, and one day only, we could have BOYS on our floors to help us move!!!  All of us who had become good friends, had signed up to be on the same floor, same hall.
Packing up old room
Moving into new room
In looking at these 50 plus year old pictures, one thing comes strongly to mind! Notice that we are ALL smoking!  In the '50's smoking was as common as chewing gum!  Everyone smoked...we could even smoke in some of our classrooms!  We had little portable ashtrays we could set on our desks....hard to believe now!

Jones Hall-one of three in a complex of girls' dorms
This was state of the art at the time!  The three dorms were connected to the cafeteria and each other by underground tunnels so in bad weather, we could get around without getting outside.

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