Monday, November 10, 2014

Memory Monday #79

     I missed last week for Memory Monday so will try to catch up today...Still a Freshman at Mizzou...making some fabulous friendships! My roommate from South Dakota, my gal pal Nancy from St Louis, and Beth from Kansas City have become life long friends.
     I was not a stellar student, but did love most of the classes I took.  I was amazed at an American History class lecture which held more students than my whole high school...and LOVED all my art classes!  My high school did not offer art; I had always loved art and credit a cousin (who was more like an aunt to me) for keeping my interest sparked.  For Christmas and birthdays, she would always give me art "stuff"-watercolors, charcoal, pastels...of which I had no clue how to use!  So I signed up for every "1" class I could squeeze in...Art 1, Watercolor 1, Weaving 1,  Ceramics 1, Oils 1, etc!  And I loved it all!
      I had always known even as a kid when I would line up my dolls and create a classroom that I wanted to be a teacher...not having had art myself, it never occurred to me to teach art. As an equal passion was reading, I chose to major in English with the ultimate object to teach. So with the exception of the mandatory Education classes and the other required classes, I reveled my classes.
      As a Freshman, there were those pesky required classes first...Science, math, government! And, although I really liked the information I gathered from Geology and Astrology, I did not do well on the tests! I discovered I could do really well on essay tests; but multiple or true/false that needed the knowledge of facts, were very difficult for me.  Having gone to a small high school and having to never had to really study, I soon found that skimming the reading material was not going to get me through.  But even knowing I really needed to study harder and more, the pull of the social scene was too strong.

Hill Hall was the Education Building
     Hill Hall was where I spent many an hour taking all those really boring Education Classes!

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