Monday, August 25, 2014

Memory Mondays #70

     The end of summer is approaching...I have been working at the swimming pool, dating the love of my life, having fun with my friends....and getting ready for college!  My mom....the mother lion, you determined that I get the best out of it that I can!  And I don't just mean education-wise!  My mom never had the opportunity to go to college.  Both of her best friends were from more affluent families than she was and did attend college so she was exposed to the various aspects vicariously.
     My mom had it in her head that to succeed in college, one needed to be in a sorority! Now, I will have to say, until that summer, I had no idea what a sorority was!  In fact, I did not know the difference between a fraternity and a sorority!!  But my mom gathered all the information about Rush at the University of Missouri...better known as Mizzou from this post on.

     Rush back in the '50's was held the week before school began.  Probably not a whole week, but certainly several days.  So all the girls who were attending Rush were there early.  My  assigned roommate was not going through Rush so she didn't come until the following week. (Much more to come of Mary Jane, my roommate and continued friend for over 50 years!)
      So a few days before leaving for college, my mom and a cousin of mine who was closer in my mom in age and who lived with us some of the time, were busy getting all my clothes and stuff together.  My mom had read all the suggestions of how to send off a child to college and one of the things she really took to heart was labeling all my belongings.  My name was stitched into EVERY article of clothing I possessed!!! We are talking every blouse, skirt, dress, bra, name was even written on the soles of my nylon hose in pen!!!!

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  1. That grandma, such the planner...and not at all surprised about the labeling (I think I recall seeing some of those labeled clothes up in the attic when we would play dressup).