Monday, August 4, 2014

Memory Monday # 67

      One of the final memories I have of NYC was the opportunity to see a live television show!  Television in the 1950's was just coming into its own.  Color television was yet to become a household item...if even invented yet!  Many shows, game shows, some dramas were televised live....and viewed live!
     On the last day before we were to board the train and return to Illinois, we had the option of going to Coney Island or a live television show.  Coney Island at that time was something we landlocked Illinoisans had only heard sand beaches and giant roller coasters in our Midwest world!
And the beaches and waves!
The largest roller coaster in the world!!! (at least that is what they said!)
This was where all of NYC went for pleasure...rides and waves!  Well, being the cowardly lion that I was....and hating any kind of rides...I opt for the television show!  There was only one other person who did not go to Coney friend, Peggy!  I really never knew whether she gave up Coney Island because she wanted to go to the television studio, or whether she knew I was terrified of the whole idea of Coney Island...but whatever her reason...we had a memorable visit to the live production of an early Johnny Carson show!!
"Do You Trust Your Wife?"
   The show we saw was when Carson hosted a game show in the afternoons called "Do You Trust Your Wife?" I found a 1958 copy of one of the shows on YouTube...and I have created a link for you if you would like to see a very young, skinny looking Johnny Carson!!  I couldn't say if this is the one we saw, but it sure is very much like it!  This taping is in two parts...I have linked to part I.

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