Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

     This is our first Christmas in our new digs.  We moved in about three weeks ago..or at least I did.  My buddy, best friend, husband was in the hospital, then a rehab facility receiving physical therapy to regain the strength he had lost through bouts of chemotherapy. As we had scheduled to move, to begin renovations, etc. we had to go ahead with our plans even though he could not be a part of it all.
      We have "downsized" from about 3000 square on two acres to a condo in the city...although we loved our "country" home, it is time to move into another phase in our lives.  We feel very lucky to have found this it a perfect size...has two rooms for bedrooms of which will become my studio; the other our bedroom which has a large closet and a medium size master bath. There is also a half bath off the hall near what will be my studio....and a nice sized living room/dining area/ and kitchen which we have totally renovated with new flooring, new cabinets, countertops and appliances.
     I am still in the process of unpacking so haven't found all my Christmas stuff for this year..and really didn't have the energy to decorate all out even if I could have found it! But decorations do not make the season...the people do and we are fortunate to have both of our

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