Monday, August 26, 2013

Memory Monday #34

    With all the kids and teachers heading back to school this week, I am reminded of my third grade year.  That year I was attending a new to me school.  My home town had elementary grades in two locations.  I have previously mentioned that my first and second grade classes were housed in the same building with the seventh through high school grades.  Then we all attended third through sixth grade in what was known as the East School.
The East School
     This building was the original school in my home town.  When it was built in 1861, it housed all ages..first grade through Senior in High School.  My mom told us of the third floor gymnasium that they used when she was a kid going there.  My classes, third and fourth were in the rooms on the first floor; our fifth and sixth grade classes were held on the second floor; then some how there was a third floor with the gym...I was never up there...really didn't even know it was there.
     The building is now listed with the Illinois Historical Building Society and houses the Pike County Historical Society.   Several years ago there was a local theater housed there too.  I don't know if it is still there or not...I hope so...I attended a few performances with my mom when visiting and they were really fun to see!!! And while looking for some history on the school for my blog, I discovered this UTube featuring a good friend I went to high school with talking about East School!  It is kind of long but I found it to be very interesting!  I found out so much of the history I had not known before!

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