Monday, August 19, 2013

Memory Monday #33 / Our Beautiful World

     I woke up this morning realizing  I had not posted my Monday Memory for today so here it is albeit a little late!!!  One reason that I am late is because of a busy weekend..birthdays!!  My husband's birthday was the 14th and my SNL's bday was the 18th, yesterday.  So we had celebrated both over the weekend....and my grandson's bday is September 3, not far off!  Then, coincidentally, today when I checked the "Our Beautiful World" website to see what the word for the week is...I discovered it is "BIRTHDAY"!  So I am going to do a whole lot of combining of ideas today!! memory!  I remember my  wonderful mom throwing me a birthday party when I must have been eight.  I don't remember the exact number, but I know there were several guests...boys and girls.  My mom didn't just serve cake and ice cream; we had a full on dinner of my then favorite foods!  We had hotdogs, baked beans, potato chips, etc...and the traditional cake/ice cream!  I was helping her prepare the meal...I was opening one of the cans of beans to make the baked beans when the can slipped from the can opener and sliced my thumb pretty deeply.  We had to rush to to emergency room for stitches; then back home to finish getting ready for the party....not going to miss having a party!!
     When all the guests arrived, mom and probably my one of my cousins (who were really like aunts to me as they were closer to my mom in age) served the meal...I was kind of a "clown" as a kid, always trying to get a laugh, so I was grossing everyone out with my tale of cutting myself and bleeding all over the beans!!  My mom had to convince everyone that we had pitched out that can, and these beans were unharmed!!  The other part of my memory is that when I opened my presents, one little girl had given me a set of UNDERPANTIES....the "Days of the Week" kind, which I did think were really cool....except...I had to unwrap them in front of BOYS!  Oh, the humiliation!  Isn't it funny how certain things stand out in your mind???

    Now, for my "Our Beautiful World" entry for "Birthday"...
And old picture of the birthday boys..about 13 years ago!
One of my oldest daughter's bday!
One of my youngest daughter's bday!
My granddaughter's #1 (She is now a Sophomore in college!)
     Birthdays are so special...I could post about a jillion pictures so have tried to give a sampling of my favorite people!  When my girls were little, I would make them "doll cakes" with their Barbie or Skipper dolls!  I would bake a cake in a large pyrex bowl, invert the cake and plunge a doll into the middle...then ice the cake in a "Southern Belle"   style gown!  It took tons of icing but that's the good part of any cake, right?
     Be sure to check out the "OBW" link to see how others celebrate "Birthday"!!


  1. I love that you share so many birthdays with us, I love your 8th birthday, not so much about the thumb though, but you sure had a great time opening the presents! Thanks for sharing so much fun with us this week at Our Beautiful World!

  2. Jay, you tell such good stories. i enjoy visiting and learning about your life as remembered by you.
    had to laugh at the clown that you were over your cut thumb. considering that you were about eight years old it must have been great fun~!


  3. I think OBW picked the perfect prompt this week, it was mine and hubbys and our dogs birthday's.

    My grandma used to make those Barbie cakes for me, weren't they so cool. I was so excited each year, was almost too pretty to eat. I enjoyed reading about your birthday stories and love each of the pictures. Glad you remembered to link up this week, thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

  4. What a precious post!!. I LOVE your birthday memories, so many sweet & fun memories to be had, WOW! And how fast time flies?!?. Your cakes are really too pretty to eat :). Thank you so much for sharing us the story at OBW!. Hugs.

  5. How awesome is this!!!! I remember having a Barbie cake just like that!!! what a fun memory, thanks so much for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!!!