Monday, November 29, 2010

Where did November go???

This is nearly the last day of November...which means only one more month in this time does fly!!!!  And that means Christmas is nearing!  I still have Thanksgiving decos up and don't plan to do anything different until at least next weekend....or later.  I am not a big fan of Christmas decorations being put up until closer to the actual date! At least not for me...I don't mind others putting theirs up.

Thanksgiving was great..wonderful company..good food and lots of it!!  We have both UT (University of Texas) and Texas A & M fans in the family so my loyalties to the game were divided...meaning I was happy with whoever won! And TCU (Texas Christian University) won really big on Saturday so most everyone was pleased with football this weekend....except for the loser Cowboys...but I really like college ball better than pro ball...those kids really have heart!

I was watching a PBS show on Folk Music while pressing out some blocks, getting them ready for the quilt to give away at our Guild Christmas party.  The show really made me nostalgic!  The Kingston Trio/ Peter, Paul and Mary/ Joan Collins/ Bob Dylan/ The Brothers that is a group I saw when I was going to Illinois College for a year.  Back in the good ol' days, girls had "hours".  We had to be back to our dorms by a certain time.  After the concert, the Brothers showed up at this small bar where all we "cool" kids hung out.  We girls only had about half an hour to get back to our dorm...but we stayed around until the very last moment.  None of us had cars so we had to run back to get there on time!  We made it as I recall, barely!  Illinois College is a small college in a relatively small city...the college had about 1000 students (maybe not that many) and the town was about 45,000 so we could get around pretty good.

But the protest songs I heard today really brought tears to my eyes!  Nothing has changed, I am afraid...we are doing the same stupid war things we protested about in the 70's!  There is that line..."when will they ever learn..." and I don't think" they" ever will!

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