Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall Colors and More

This is a pistach tree in our back is the most glorious red, but it is kind of hidden from is the first to turn in the fall and the last to loose its leaves.  We have two more near the front of the house but they are not nearly as showy as this little guy!

This is a baby quilt I just finished for a friend's grandson to be.  Both her daughter and son-in-law were students where I taught...great kids...the baby's room is done up in cowboy decor...this is a pattern my daughter has made for babies and I thought it was real cute...I added lil' cowboys in the corners.

My studioQ group meets Monday...last time we met we did an activity on designing kaleidoscope quilts.  I have been working on a pattern I designed to have to show using some of the fabric I got last year when we were in Juneau, Alaska.

Speaking of Alaska...I read in the paper the "great" Palin has a new book reading a little of the comments about the book, I see she has the audacity to say that John F. Kennedy had lost his faith when he was running for president because he said he was running as a Democrat, not as a Catholic.  In her usual ignorance, she showed that she had no idea of the political mood of the times and totally missed his point.  I was not old enough to vote for Kennedy by one year, but that did not keep me from campaigning for him as a college student!!

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