Saturday, October 9, 2010

One more trip blog!

   "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."  Degas

                                                       Quebec At Night

We came into Quebec late afternoon, got our hotel room, parked and took out on foot.  We were right in the heart of Old Quebec City, so we felt we really got to see everything we wanted.

The Interior of the Cathedral
This is probably the largest and fanciest church I have ever been in.  One of the sacristy lights was a gift from Louis XIV.  Very awesome...

Cannons on the Ramparts, Overlooking the St. Lawrence River
Quebec was quite a fortress in its early days...a perfect location above the river.  These cannons and many other artifacts remain to exhibit the power of the city.

Looking Down on the City from the Ramparts
And the river beyond...we also went up to the Citadel which was even higher above the city.

Quebec and the River from the Citadel
Quebec still remains quite a seaport.  All the signs everywhere are in French, although most of the wait people spoke English.  Where the striped canopy is in the center left is a pavilion area being renovated.  It was part of the walled city originally.

Toronto, Ontario
Toronto is HUGE!  It took us forever to drive through it and this was not even rush hour traffic!  It had been raining on us ever since we left Quebec but had cleared up as we got into Ontario.  Notice the weird clouds formed behind the buildings.  And this is only one little stretch of what went on and on!

It was good to get into some good ol' Iowa farmland...we had our fill of the big city life!!  Then headed on home to Texas!!!

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  1. I've really enjoyed seeing your vacation pictures. Looked like a wonderful trip.