Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Now Back to the Real World!

"Vitality is radiated from exceptional art and architecture!" Arthur Erickson

Just as I decide to blog for the first time in a week or so, the "moderators" have a note that the Image uploads is disabled due to maintenance.  And I love to see pics on blogs, so I may have to just do the writing now...knowing what pictures I hope to post.

I am watching the Rangers/Yankees fifth game as I write....not looking very good for the Rangers at this time, but there are still three and a half innings to"Go, Rangers!"  If they win this one, they are on their way to the World Series!  A big first for the boys!

I am having the Creative Crones..better known to the members as "studio Q" on Monday...we haven't had a full membership meeting for, quilt show, etc.  getting in the way.  We are going to do a little "design" activity...several already do design their own quilts rather than do patterns, but some do not so I thought it would be a good idea to share how to go about it!  We are also going to start our next "challenge".  Each is bringing a 12" batik square for each member of the club...then we will take all 12 squares as well as our own fabric and make a quilt to enter into the next year's TVQG other rules other than you have to use all the squares in some obvious way, can add one other fabric that no one else has...any size, any style, any embellishments!

I did finish a tote bag for my TCU fan daughter...The Horned Frog is a fusible pattern by Susan Cranshaw... ... a very fun pattern to do....then I just made the tote to put the little guy on.  She also has several other patterns for her "Desert Series"....I know there is a road runner but not sure what else.

And I am continuing to work on my project from my class at Arrowmont with Martine House.  I really like all the beading and other embellishment techniques she taught us, but it is kind of tedious so I have to break it up with other things to give my neck and eyes a break!!  The class I took from Larkin Van Horn last spring has been very helpful also.
This is "capturing the wild cabachon"!  (A Larkin term for beading around a large jewel (glass or button or whatever)  The background is one of my gelatin prints from a studio Q activity a few months ago.  I have quite a bit of beading done on top I will show at another time.

Looking back at the Moderators note...I realized that they are operating on Pacific time so I had a couple of hours to get ahead of them...must be a Silicon Valley thing!!!!

Closing off with another "Go, Rangers" this moment it is bottom of the 6th...Rangers-2/Yankees-6....the game is not over yet!!!

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  1. hi Jay and thank you for your recent visit to my blog. i appreciate the link too~!

    LOVE that horned frog~!!~

    i've done a little bit of cabachon work and really like the results that can be achieved but you are right, it's a bit tedious. yours is beautiful and looks great on that print~!