Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great week, so far!

"At my age, I don't even buy green bananas!"  Claude D. Pepper

What social butterflies we have been this past week and to come!  Last Saturday, we met with family and friends for a surprise birthday party for a good friend (my daughter's mother-in-law) who is the same age as I am.

Sunday, we celebrated the Fourth of July with family and friends...many of the same we saw the night before.  And our daughter from out of town joined us.  We all went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for food, fun and music...then a really fabulous fireworks display!  We have done this together for several years...always fun...sometimes really hot, but this time the weather was warm but not too bad...a nice breeze kept us cool.  The Fort Worth Symphonic Orchestra played...mostly patriotic music.  There was a wonderful solo singer..very rich voice....and I always get goose bumps when they play each of the armed forces' songs and have the vets and current military stand. 

Isn't this a great "patriotic" fireworks display?  I have discovered a "fireworks" setting on my camera which is fun to have! (I took MANY more, but won't post them all!!)  Maybe a quilt in the works??  I'll have to try printing off some of my pics on fabric!

To continue with the social life...tomorrow I am having lunch with good friend I have not seen in awhile and then Thursday we are hosting our poker group at our house.  We have not met for poker for about three months...we have trouble this time of year finding all six of us in the area at the same time!!  I am definitely planning on not winning as we haven't played for quite awhile and I'm not that great to start with!!

After all this "eating out", I think we will need to curtail the calories and get back to our usual eating pattern which is, at least we try, modest!

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  1. When did I become the out of town daughter? I thought I was actually in town now that I was no longer living 1500 miles away....