Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Update

                 "Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are cheese." Billie Burke

     HOT here in car registered 102 on my way home from running around today.  I do not do heat very well...way too tiring!!!

      The Trinity Valley Quilters Guild Meeting was today...we had a real cute speaker, Amy Stewart Winsor...   She lives in North Carolina and does "whimsical" quilts.  Very cute quilts and an entertaining speaker.  She had good ideas on some techniques that she shared with us too.  We had part II of our book sale today also.  Last month's sale was  good but we had a lot of books left over so this month I decided to put them all on Half-price....they sold very well!!   We would have had more but two boxes were sitting on the floor in the storeroom and there had been a little flooding problem sometime since last month.  The cardboard boxes were soaked and the books ruined!  Ah, made for less work for us to get them out and to haul the remainder to Half-Price books to sell. (We have a very nice maintainence man at the church where we meet and he offered to dispose of the ruined books.)

     I only turned in one quilt for the show this year...applications due today.  It is my challenge quilt that I am hand stitching..."Chinese Coins: 170 X 2".  I titled it that because it is a Chinese Coin pattern and I used 170 different fabrics plus three of four different blacks, then the "X 2" is because I had six columns which I split in half to make 12 columns.  I am using perle cotton and colors to match the squares.  I'll post a picture when I am finished.

     After the meeting, I had some running around to do...that's when I got so hot!  I went to Calloway's nursery to look at their pottery...had a 20% off coupon.  I am on a mission to find a tall...maybe 4 feet...slender blue or red pot to put on my front porch.  I will then put some sticks or something in it...I am giving up trying to grow any flowers on my front porch...too hot!  Everything just melts....but no luck at Calloways today. 

      On my way down Hulen, I stopped off at the kids house.  My granddaughter is having her 16th birthday party Saturday at the Benbrook Stables...going horse back riding and then to her house for a sleep over.  I had made her magnets to give to the girls as a memento of the occassion which I needed to drop off. I caught them just at lunch time so joined them for lunch and a viewing of "Modern Family"..the funniest sitcom on television!!

     Then to Half-Price books to be rid of the remainder of our guild sale books....that place is always a Zoo!!!  Very busy!  And on to Berry Patch to pick up my acrylic extension table for my Bernina.  I had ordered one four weeks ago when they were on sale with several gift cards I had accumulated, but when it came in two weeks later, the wrong one had been ordered.  So they had to reorder the right size, and it just came in yesterday.

     My last stop was Tom Thumb to get some groceries so I won't have to leave the house all weekend!  On the way home, I had thought about stopping by the Y to do a little work out, but...oh, too bad...I have I just came on home and took a nap instead!!!

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  1. So sad for the lost books. Stay hydrated in this heat, I don't want to have be worrying about you. I could soooo use a nap....