Friday, May 14, 2010

Life is Good!!

"The most potent muse of all is our Inner Child!" Stephen Nachmanovitch

One of the many theaters in Chicago.
Every five years since we turned 50, several of my girlfriends from High School get together in various places to celebrate.  This year (our fifth time to get together...figure it out!) we traveled from around the country to meet in Chicago.  Because he had never been there before, my husband traveled with us.  There were to be a couple other guys, but as it turned out, he was the only guy...with 12 females to usher around.  I think he secretly loved it!!  Actually, much of the time, he and I would take out on our own...then all get together for breakfast and dinner.
The Art Institute of Chicago
 This is one of my favorite places to visit.  I hadn't been to Chicago in about 45 years, and the Art Institute has about doubled in size.  When we went there this time, we had planned to visit in the morning then go somewhere else, but it was so huge, my husband and I spent the day there!!

Here we all are at the Art Institute after lunch.  Most of the other gals went on to other things when Dick and I decided to stay.  He came in real handy as our designated photographer!

Chicago Skyline over Lake Michigan
Six of us decided to take a Grayline Bus tour...we did the four hour version then Dick and I also took the tour of the John Hancock Tower with wonderful aerial views of the city...not as tall as the Sears Building but better viewing from their observation deck.
One view from the John Hancock Building
Looking the opposite way, Lakeshore Drive and Lake Michigan
We were so lucky the whole had been rainy and it was cold but when we were out, the rain held off.  And the sun came out when were up in the Hancock Building.

A View from our Hotel Window at Night
We stayed at the Hampton Inn in the Majestic Theater Building...I highly recommend it if anyone is traveling to Chicago.  Not only was it really well located, (we could walk to Millienium Park and the Art Institute, etc.) the staff were just great...very friendly and accommodating...and the rooms were very nice.

After the great Chicago experience, we also had a wonderful time seeing family in Illinois and in Missouri.

And as always when is great to get home to one's own bed and shower...routine is a good thing!!


  1. Jay, it looks like you had a wonderful trip! Welcome home!

  2. My math may be completely off, but wouldn't that make you 75? Started when you were fifty, meet every 5 years, have now met 5 times....5 X 5 = 25 + 50 = 75.....

  3. 45 years since you've been to Chicago? You have quite the revisionist history going on. :-)