Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Correction

In telling of my trip to Chicago, I had said it had been over 45 years since I had been there..not true!  In the 70's, the Field Museum had one of three showings of King Tut, very similiar to the exhibit that was shown  in Dallas last year.  My two daughters, my sister, two of her kids, and our mom traveled to Chicago to see the exhibit.  We had a great time.....we stayed in a motel in the suburbs and took the kids in on a commuter train early in the morning...they were all very excited to be on a train for one and just going to the "city".  It was pretty funny to see all the commuters...doing that same trip day in and day out...reading their newspapaers, drinking their coffee, not making eye contact with  anyone...compared to our kids who were so excited!  Oh, they were well behaved...we didn't allow them to be too loud or disturbing, but their joy was somewhat infectuous as there were some who asked them what they were planning to do in Chicago!

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