Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Latest and Last Pics of Houston!

And now for the last Houston pics that I am going to post. I am going to burn a CD for all my studioQ buddies and my daughter who also quilts. It was really difficult to pick out just a few to post!!

This is yardage of Indigo fabric at the "Indigoes of China" exhibit. Just beautiful!

And this is one of the many displays of the "Indigoes of China" that were in the exhibit.

I don't remember the name of this small quilt but I found it to be fascinating.

This exhibit was "Festival Gallery of Quilt Art: Fabric Forest". It was organized by Groebenzellar Quiltersgruppe. I am not sure what group that is but it kind of sounds German. And I was as the INTERNATIONAL Quilt Festival...many things from many places!
I love this quilt "Forces of Nature". It was not only beautifully made, it reminded me of the new Native American Museum in Washington, DC., a new museum dedicated to the American Indians...beautiful and impressive...inside and out.

This small quilt showed the versatility of all the quilts...and I love the thought it presents

And last....not a quilt...but I titled this picture "The Hunks of Houston"! As our bus was taking us to the Convention Center, we were stopped at a red light when one of the gals saw this building under construction and commented on the guys, lined up on each floor as though posing for a calendar. I, of course, had my handy camera ready and leaned over to take a pic through the window!!


  1. The "hunks" of Houston cracks me up; not certain how hunky they actually are, but their stances are great!!

  2. my favorite is the "Peace in Silence" quilt~!~
    wonderful words to remember and the quilt is beautiful too~!!~