Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Houston Pics

We have just had the greatest rain fall!! We had about 3 1/2 in the gauge and now this morning it is cool and sunny...great fall day. Had a few friends who are interested in our trip to the great North over for dinner Tuesday and gave them our information about the ferry, etc.. Then tonight we are getting together with our poker buddies for dinner and games! Tomorrow, we are picking up the grands from school as their parents need to attend a funeral.

And come the weekend, we are staying home, not going to see anyone!!! We need a little "alone" time..I plan to get some sewing done...I had signed up to do a swap of "Inchies" of Christmas ornaments so need to get them done...I have done one set...not too crazy about the project but will get them out by the first of the week.

Now for some more International Show pics!!

This is a wonderful little quilt..I overheard a lady looking at the quilts make the comment, this is just like being in an art museum! And I agree! This is a technique I would like to try.
This Quilt was in a series called "West Coast Wonders II"; a group of several quilts from California.
This is a closeup of the above quilts...fascinating how it was put together...very dimensional looking.

And this quilt was in the Series on"Tactile Architecture"; another fabulous set of quilts from all over! Again..I am inspired!

This little guy who stands about three feet, was made by Hasbro to emphasize the fabric by Mary Fisher who is very involved in an orphanage in Africa...she had many quilts on display of photographs of several of the kids and adults she works with.
And now I am going to take a walk while the sun is shining!!

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  1. Love the pictures...Can't wait to see all of them....maybe you can put them onto a CD for me?!?