Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How I've Been Spending My Time!

Strawberry/rhubarb jam! Little trapped hummer!
This is what I have been doing instead of quilting for a few days. My first batch (I made three) of jam didn't set up so I redid it according to directions on the pectin package. Had to reboil it all with some more sugar, pectin and lemon juice....set up beautifully. Second batch, after following the original directions religiously, also did not set! Redid this batch with great success. Third batch, I just added more sugar, pectin, and lemon juice in the beginning and had a perfect set! So guess what I learned....follow the directions along with the redo all at the same time!! Saves a lot of extra work!
Also a visual of my little trapped humming bird in the rafters of our back porch. Poor little guy would have beat himself to death trying to get out. Dick finally got him out and he flew away, but have no idea what got him confused in the first place....hummers usually have such great "radar"!


  1. Hi Jay. I love rhubarb! and we get hummingbirds in our garge from time to time. I think they come in looking for bugs. Those flowers in my post are Bougainvillea. They are beautiful too. We have azeleas in the shade. They like it there and Thanks for the visit!

  2. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I have been enjoying reading yours too ! I am spending the weekend catching up on my customer quilting, designing a quilt to piece using the new Christmas panel from Nancy Halvorson, making rhubarb pie, and I hope to get out and tend to some flowers before the weekend gets away from me. Congrats on your sucessful jelly making.. . . I will be doing chokecherry jelly and syrup in August, this will be our 2nd year, and I believe it is becoming an annual event.

    have a great weekend,


  3. Don't know if I'm quite up for strawberry rhubarb jam, but I might be willing to try it out.

    It is AMAZING what following the directions will do for you, huh?

  4. hi Jay~!!~

    i have missed visiting your blog~!~but so appreciate your visits and comments. i'm hoping that things will be a bit quieter around here now that the dog situation has been resolved. he has been placed in a shelter that has promised not to put him down. they seemed to think that he will be happily placed in a new home fairly soon as he really does seem to be a good dog . . . i will call later on this a.m. to see how his weekend went . . .

    you have been very busy too~!~your jelly looks fabulous~!!!~

    we had a hummer fly into the garage once . . . it was quite a bit of work to get it out . . . and like you, we never really understood why it ended up in there in the first place~!~ i only remember it happening the one time though (thank goodness~!~)

    we always put out our first feeder on Mother's Day. sometimes it's too early but on some years we will start getting them immediately. this year we had a very small male visit that afternoon and we currently have about a half dozen that come in for a sip . . . by the end of the summer (in August) we will have several feeders out and literally dozens of hummers buzzing and chirping around each one as they try to get a turn~!!~ it's one of my favorite aspects of the season~!!~