Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Gorgeous Day in Texas!

Rainy yesterday, but today is absolutely fabulous!! The bluest skies, temperature just right, about 75...took a walk after breakfast...and after my crossword puzzle. On Sundays, there is only one in the paper...(don't do the New York Times..way too hard!) so Dick and I split it...he starts it out, does about half of the answers and then I get to finish. It works out pretty well.

Our little lawn girl was out today to mow and discovered she is allergic to grass!! But the mom and dad think it will be OK to continue to mow for Grandad if she wears a long sleeve shirt. As Dick was taking her halfway home to meet Marti, Dorothy called and we had a great little visit...talked so long that Dick got back before we were finished! She told him she is glad to talk to me as she learns a whole lot more....the little details of things...than from talking to him!!! That is a guy for you!

Busy week coming up...hope to get more done on my quilt for Veronica; work more on my series of "Wheels"...I have neglected it lately; and need to get my "whimisical" block done for our studio Q challenge!

Strangest thing this evening...a little humming bird got up in the back porch roof and didn't seem to know how to get out...kept flying back and forth between these two rafters, so Dick finally got him out by getting him trapped in a box, taking him out away from the house and the little guy just zoomed off!! Reminded me of once when I was a kid about six or so, I woke up in the middle of the night. Our bedroom door (my sister's and mine) and a closet door were on the same wall about a door's width apart. I could feel the door jamb of the closet and the outer door but thought I was walled in because I was between the two doors and was feeling the wall!! I really panicked...I always did have a wild imagination!! Scared everyone to pieces with my screams!!


  1. Oh, that sounds like the perfect Texas day! And your flowers on the sidebar are gorgeous!

  2. Poor thing (you and the bird).

    It doesn't surprise me one bit that Grandma learned more from you than she did from Dad. However, did you share any of it with me when I called? Hmmm?

  3. The only things I shared with Grandma were things you already know about!!! Mostly stuff from her birthday party...conversations, you guys all being there, etc.