Friday, April 3, 2009


I know it is not the date for spring yet, but I am ready for it. My irises are blooming; I have planted my bedding plants....probably a mistake as it is supposed to get really cold again in a couple of nights. I will have to cover them as well as Dick covering the tomatoes. We have a couple of crepe myrtles that look a little "burnt" already.

We got energetic and rearranged a lot of a new chair on Tuesday for the living room and had to do some changing up to make room for it. While doing that, we decided to do a lot of changing in about every room but my studio!! And I have been sewing on the "Snail Trail" quilt for Veronica....also working on my English paper piecing. It is just about finished except for an outside border and the other words, the piecing is done! I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would...a very good project to do when on the go or watching tv.. There is a website for the company that makes the cutouts if you don't want to make them yourself; also patterns to download and color for future projects:

This is a picture of "Inner City" my English paper pieced quilt. It is wall hanging size; I am thinking of hand quilting it as I did hand piece it. Another good take along project. The colored line above it is not part of it....that is the edge of something else on my design wall.


  1. Wasn't March 21st the first day of Spring?

    Love the quilt! The red background really sets it off nicely. And Yes, I think you should hand quilt it.

  2. Hi, love the pattern! Just bought it after a quilt guild meeting, but i have a question for you. How did you put the border fabric on without taking a quarter inch seam out of the edge blocks? I'm probably doing a real "dunce" thing, but I'm puzzled on how to get the edges to be "sharp".

    thanks....great blog -


  3. Hi, Marianne...I tried to get to your blog but was unable to so I hope you check back here. On the pattern, for the last sections around the shapes, I used the same as the background rather than the main fabric color. That way it looks like it is floating. Try to enlarge the pic by clicking on it and you may be able to tell where my seams are. I realized that this pic is the one that still has my pink basting stitching on it! After I decide how to quilt it and finish it, I will post it again.